What Moya loves the most is creating joy with delicious food, it’s her passion! She discovered a talent for creativity at a young age by setting up her own cake business. It was a turning point where her interest became something bigger which spurred her to seek out every opportunity to grow in skill and knowledge.

Moya jumped into the deep end at Neven Maguire’s MacNean House and Restaurant at the age of 16. Working in all sections and learning the art of cooking as a commis chef, to having a unique opportunity to work in Neven’s Cookery School, and getting to share what she loved with others.

Through these experiences she has learnt the power of communication and with that worked on food preparation, recipe testing and styling for the next series of Neven Maguire cook books before taking these skills onto other productions including Donal Skehan Irish TV Celebrity Chef, Nomos Production Company  and currently working as the editorial assistant of the FRESH magazine for the Supervalu supermarket chain.

Moya loves chasing adventure, so it’s Vienna, 2015, the sweet summer freshness of Austrian delights from the grandeur of the city to the wonderful pallet of Viennese cuisine. Working the kitchen as a commis chef in Restaurant Zum Finsteren Stern inspired her to look for these unique experiences and develop a taste for more this world offers!

Across the Atlantic she found herself in New York City, this time a pastry chef for Danny Meyers Union Square Hospitality Group. Working in a kitchen in Manhattan is very different to anywhere else. It was a fast paced, high energy team environment, while it tested her she found a thrill in creating art for so many people!

Moya has found strength in her passion for food. She loves food so much and wants to share it with everyone! Moya looks forward to the adventures ahead with whatever the future throws at her!